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Old papers:

Open system for network management - MTA 2004
Aspects of network migration from ATM to MPLS - CSCS14
Aspects of network migration ... (pdf presentation) - CSCS14
Performantele retelelor de calculatoare
Ethernet comutat - Fast, Gigabit si 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Moduri de transport ATM pentru IP, MPOA si MPLS
Multimedia prin Internet RSVP, RTP, RTSP, H.323
Sisteme de comutatie folosite in retelele de calculatoare
"Radio-packet communications" - The Role of Academic Education and Research in the Development of Information Society Bucharest 22-23 April 1999
"Noutati in Packet Radio" - Simpozionul National de Comunicatii Digitale Brasov 15 May 1999